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Longer-lasting produce.
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What is Apeel and how does it work?
Apeel is an extra “peel” of protection made by applying another layer of what already exists naturally on fruits and vegetables. This extra peel has one job - keep moisture in and oxygen out. Because fresh produce is a living breathing thing, Apeel simply slows down respiration, and associated oxidation and water loss for longer freshness. Of course, Apeel-protected produce still spoils - just a bit slower.
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Seeing is believing.
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Apeel Protected
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Produce you love, protected by Apeel.
Discover our products, available in North America and Europe.
North America & Europe
North America
North America & Europe
Learn more about how preventing food waste helps to conserve resources and avoid greenhouse gas emissions.
Let’s do good together.
Apeel gives the entire supply chain more time. That's better for your business, your customers, and our planet.
Step inside the world of Apeel.