Plant-based protection. Longer-lasting produce.

our mission

We work with nature to reduce food waste and create abundance for all

And just how do we do that? Apeel uses materials that exist in the peels, seeds, and pulp of all fruits and vegetables to create a protective extra peel that seals moisture in and keeps oxygen out. That means our produce stays fresh, nutritious, and delicious twice as long. It also means less produce goes to waste throughout the supply chain—from grower to retailer to consumers at home. Less waste for you means less waste for the planet and a more abundant future for us all.

how apeel works

You can’t see it or taste it, but this peel is powerful

Apeel adds a layer of tasteless, odorless, plant-based protection on the surface of fruits and vegetables. This helps keep moisture in and oxygen out, which means produce lasts twice as long.

our story

It all started with a seed of an idea

As material scientists, we knew there had to be a way to work with nature—not against it—to create a solution to food waste and global hunger. So that’s what we did.

our business

Invisible peel, incredible value

Apeel protects produce by slowing spoilage-causing water loss and oxidation, keeping it fresh twice as long. That means less fruits and vegetables go to waste throughout the supply chain. Available for organic and conventionally grown produce, and an ever-growing number of categories, Apeel is the only proven end-to-end solution for freshness.