Greater abundance for all

Our Mission

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Our mission is to work with nature to reduce food waste and create abundance for all.

This is how we see the world.

Our Business

Our founder, James Rogers, Ph.D., was driving home through the lush California farmlands while he was listening to a podcast about global hunger. He wondered: how could so many people be hungry when there was such an abundance of food growing and seeds that were so easy to spread? And if so many were hungry, how could so much of this abundance be going to waste?

Inspired by nature’s own methods of preservation, we made it our mission to build a barrier that could be applied to fruits and vegetables using edible materials that could slow down the rate of spoilage.

And that’s how Apeel was born.

Founded in 2012 with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Apeel Sciences continues to develop products for dozens of USDA Organic Certified and conventional produce categories. We work with partners ranging from small family-owned farmers and local organic growers to the world’s largest food brands.

We’re on a mission to make better quality, more sustainable, and longer-lasting produce a reality—creating value throughout the supply chain, and a more abundant future for us all.

Working at Apeel

Help us create a more sustainable food system.

We’re passionate about our mission to fight food waste and creating a more sustainable foundation for the global food system and our futures.

The work we do is big, and we’re always looking for more people who feel as passionate as we do about creating a more sustainable way of life.