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Nature's Pride is one of the largest importers of produce in Europe, sourcing over 230 fruits and vegetables from nearly 58 countries, from Ready-to-Eat and exotics to berries and off-season products.
Maasdijk, Netherlands
Apeel x Nature's Pride: Journey of an Avocado
Working with partners like Nature's Pride, Apeel is reaching markets across Europe with longer-lasting avocados that reduce environmental impact. Apeel and Nature’s Pride share a mission of bringing consumers better avocados that are good for people and the planet. Together, we see a future of possibility in creating a more sustainable food system.
Nature’s Pride is taking action on the UN sustainable development goals by improving livelihoods, reducing food waste, and reducing environmental impact. The company has successfully increased the treatment capacity of Apeel-Protected Avocados to serve more customers and reduce food waste in the value chain. You can learn more about Nature’s Pride’s initiatives and the impact of their work with Apeel in their 2020 Annual Report.
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