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Robinson Fresh specializes in sourcing and transporting fresh produce for consumers around the world while offering the highest quality products, services, and solutions.
Based in
Eden Prairie, MN - US
Regions Served
North America, Europe
Robinson Fresh supports growers with Fair Trade Certified™ produce, offers innovation as part of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®, and endorses the IFPA Ethical Charter. They are implementing new food innovations to reduce food waste.
Partners in Good: Robinson Fresh x Apeel
Longer-lasting limes mean lots of juicy new possibilities! Apeel + Robinson Fresh are Partners in Good, delivering limes from Mexico that retain their juiciness and fresh green color thanks to Apeel's plant-based protection. With more fresh time, Apeel-Protected Limes can reach new markets - like Europe! - even while allowing growers like BiMa to pick and ship riper fruit with the confidence it will last longer with Apeel!
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