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Across the Supply Chain
We work with partners ranging from small growers to the world’s top retailers to provide delicious, nutritious, and longer-lasting produce.
We have some good news for you.
Learn more about how preventing food waste helps to conserve resources and avoid greenhouse gas emissions.
Why food waste?
Apeel-protected produce stays at peak freshness for longer. More time can help you waste less of what you buy.
Our founding story
We work with nature to prevent food waste and create abundance for all
Founded in 2012, Apeel Sciences continues to develop products for USDA Organic Certified and conventional produce categories. Headquartered in Goleta, CA, near where we started, we work with partners ranging from small growers to the world’s largest food brands. We’re on a mission to make exceptional quality, longer-lasting produce that helps to make preventing food waste a reality—creating value throughout the supply chain, and a more abundant future for us all.
Let’s do good together.
We’re always looking for more people who feel as passionate as we do about creating a more sustainable food system.