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Fresher produce, made possible by smarter, more efficient supply chain solutions.
Apeel's technology makes it simple to expand your distribution footprint and gain a foothold with customers, all while maximizing profits and minimizing impacts on the planet.
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Apeel is free from impurities
Apeel is derived from a variety of non-GMO, sustainably-sourced plant oils. Because of our rigorous purification process, the plant source doesn’t make a difference because the heat and distillation during the purification process would destroy or distill out the proteins that normally cause allergies. Even so, avoiding and eliminating the presence of allergens is considered throughout our manufacturing process. First, we do not source our materials from regulated allergens like milk, egg, fish, crustacean and molluscan shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, coconut, sesame, wheat, cereals with gluten, soy, sulfites, celery, lupin or mustard, nor do we manufacture in a facility that processes any of these allergens. We regularly test our product to confirm the absence of allergy-causing compounds. If you are concerned about a specific allergen, please ask.
Apeel is regularly tested to ensure that it meets the highest purity and safety standards
Uplevel your business with data-driven insights
Gain more efficient and accurate readings of ripeness through quantified digital measures of key quality attributes.
Increase visibility and accountability with software that aggregates quality data across the value chain, delivering real-time program diagnostics to better plan for variability.
Derive actionable insights that inform decisions to confidently deliver the quality of produce your customers want.
Apeel helps get more products to where they need to be, before they go bad/
Learn more about how preventing food waste helps to conserve resources and avoid greenhouse gas emissions.
Let’s do good together.
Apeel gives the entire supply chain more time. That's better for your business, your customers, and our planet.
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